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Tories Stay In Control Of Stratford District Council

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Published: 9th May 2010 22:10:36

IN the local government elections the ruling Conservatives on Stratford District Council retained their overall control of the authority.

Twenty of the 53 seats on the council were up for election and the Tories won 11, the Liberal Democrats eight and the Independents one.

The Lib Dems gained one seat from the Conservatives in Stratford Alveston ward when Ian Fradgley, husband of Stratford’s current mayor Cllr Jenny Fradgley—who is also a district councillor—defeated sitting councillor Stuart Beese, the council’s former planning portfolio holder.

But the Tories won the previously Lib Dem-held ward of Kinwarton, thus leaving the political balance intact. The Conservatives now have 31 seats, the Lib Dems 20 and the Independents two.


*Denotes successful candidate.

Alcester: Barry Doherty (Lab) 241, Yvonne Hine (Cons) 1,438 , Susan Juned* (Lib Dem) 1,651.

Bidford and Salford: Michael Atkins (Ind) 551, Maurice Howse (Cons) 1,354, Daren Pemberton* (Lib Dem) 1,448, Matthew Stephens (Lab) 316, Karen Varga (Green) 109.

Brailes: Laura Nelson (Lib Dem) 416, Philip Seccombe* (Cons) 976.

Harbury: Richard Hamburger (Cons) 1,340, Richard Tonge* (Lib Dem) 1,461.

Henley (by-election): John Hartigan (Lab) 285, Jem Jones* (Cons) 1,664, Karyl Rees (Lib Dem) 606.

Kinwarton: Mike Gittus* (Cons) 675, Jeffrey Kenner (Lab) 54, Nina Knapman (Lib Dem) 565.

Long Compton: Stephen Gray* (Cons) 859, Ginny Mason (Lib Dem) 499.

Long Itchington: Michael Pugh (Lib Dem) 494, Bob Stevens* (Cons) 901.

Quinton: Mike Brain* (Cons) 959, Jeffery Dench (Lib Dem) 467.

Sambourne: Justin Kerridge* (Cons) 696, Clive Rickhards (Lib Dem) 380.

Shipston (by-election): Christopher Aston (Lab) 315, Robert Ballantyne (Green) 70, Clive Smithard (Cons) 1,108, Philip Vial* (Lib Dem) 1,376.

Snitterfield: Helen Hayter* (Cons) 940, John Insoll (Lib Dem) 403.

Southam: Jennie Ellard* (Cons) 1,631, Helena Knight (Lib Dem) 977, Peter Thomas (Lab) 900.

Stratford Alveston: Stuart Beese (Cons) 1,682, Michael Crutchley (Ind) 378, Ian Fradgley* (Lib Dem) 1,938, Samuel Hargreaves (Lab) 288.

Stratford Avenue and New Town: Ian Hurst (Cons) 1,423, Juliet Short (Ind) 620, Clive Thomas* (Lib Dem) 1,531, Stephen Troup (Lab) 352.

Stratford Guild and Hathaway: Hugh Chatwin (Green) 144, Irving David (Cons) 1,473, Jenny Fradgley* (Lib Dem) 1,876, Bill Lowe (Ind) 364, David Talbot (Lab) 315.

Studley: Jacqueline Abbott (Lab) 330, Bill McCarthy (Cons) 1,085, Hazel Wright* (Lib Dem) 1,755.

Tanworth: Eric Holder (Lib Dem) 613, Peter Oakley* (Cons) 1,723.

Vale of the Red Horse: Kenneth Osborne (Lib Dem) 435, Gill Roache* (Cons) 1,048.

Wellesbourne: Danny Kendall (Cons) 1,737, Jessica Pinson (Green) 392, Roger Wright* (Ind) 2,018.

Posted: Friday 7th May.

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