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Welcome To Our World - Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths

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Published: 7th Jul 2011 11:32:37

Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths is a brand new free-to-play online role-playing and strategy game, created by Turkey's leading development studio, Céidot. Already a huge hit, with over 70,000 players in its native country, Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths is now available, for the first time, in English. Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths is free to play and combines strategy management with role-playing and turn-based combat within the huge, richly-populated and incredibly complex world of Céiron. The game offers a massive amount of depth, background story, history, context and character. Warring factions, clashing kings, fragile alliances, brave companions and an extraordinary array of nations, federations, religions and regions, provide the backdrop for a challenging and tense gameplay experience. Players must create their own commander, choose a faction and are tasked with bringing order to their region. Armies must be built, trained and paid for, while resources are collected, created, managed and balanced, to ensure your city, your army and your nation thrives and prospers. However, nothing is ever easy on Céiron and players must contend with challenges, surprise attacks and ambushes as they complete quests, undertake missions and increase the influence of their chosen lord. The game is built upon Adobe's popular Air technology, ensuring it is compatible with all desktop, nettop, laptop and netbook machines, whether they run Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths is free to play from beginning to end. However, players can purchase - or earn - additional Céi-lira, the in-game currency to increase construction speed and unit upgrades. Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths was voted one of the most anticipated online games for 2010 by online gaming site bbgsite.com. Céiron Wars: Sound Of Depths has been created by Turkey's leading development studio, Céidot. Established in 2005, the company rapidly established itself within the emerging Turkish software market, having worked with partners such as Gamebryo, Ageia and Nvidia. Céidot has worked on several hugely successful titles; Sovereign Symphony Online reached over 400,000 players in its home market - a huge achievement in Turkey's games market. Whilst Céidot's following online title, fared even better; Umaykut Online achieved over 2,000,000 players in little over two years. Céidot has released numerous other titles, including several official FIBA World Basketball Championship titles for the Turkish market.

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